Monday, 9 April 2012

Remington Heated Clip Hair Rollers

Here's a really short post. 

I picked these hot rollers up a few weeks ago after much careful consideration.  I haven't had a lot of time to play with them but here are my first impressions.

Kinda Clunky.  Hot rollers generally come in a large box such as this.  The down side is that I am not able to store this in my bathroom, instead it is tucked away in my closet. 
This particular model features 25 rollers; 10 small and 15 large.  All of the rollers come with clips which are the same size.

Just flip the cover and plug in, the rollers will be hot in 90 seconds.

Here's my hair before the hot rollers.

And here it is after.

I've tried the rollers a few times now and somehow find that they only leave waves instead of the tight curls you'd get from a flat iron or curler. However, it does leave the hair ultra shiny and voluminous.  Hopefully I can get the curls figured out. 
Nonetheless it still styles beautifully. They are easy to use and is a great tool for elegant soft looks, plus minimal damage!


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