Thursday, 29 March 2012

DIY: Ruched Bikini

Let's face it, it's spring now and summer is just around the corner.  Of course one of the must have staples in any summer wardrobe is the two-piece bikini.  The ruched bottom bikini adds instant booty lift and volume.  Here's a picture of Victoria's Secret's Candice Swanepoel rocking the ruched bikini bottom.

This is a very simple DIY but I would still recomend practicing on an old bikini bottom as you would want to get a feel for how much gathering would fit you best.

Monday, 19 March 2012

New: Essence at Shoppers Drug Mart

Walking around at my local Shoppers Drug Mart something caught my eye.  This new display at the end of the makeup isle featuring Essence makeup.  Never heard of it? Me neither but the prices were just too hard to walk away from starting at just $1.49 going up to $4.99.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

DIY: Hanger Slips

Wheather you are revamping your closet or reorganizing your clothes this hanger slip will definetly help.  Cost effective: less than a buck to make (on the high end), you can save your ugly wired or plastic hangers from going to the trash and save money from buying new ones.  Fuction: I called these hanger slips not only because they just simply slip on top of your old existing hangers but because they keep your tanks and silky tops from slipping off.